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• Red: blood, salvation, redemption, sacrifice, fervent love, fire, courage, boldness
   Red stones
: carnelian, garnet, ruby, coral

• Yellow/Gold
: divine nature of Jesus, glory, faith of the saints, anointing oil
   Yellow stones: topaz, amber, citrine, gold

• Green:
life (especially new life), growth, fresh, flourishing, prosperity
   Green stones: emerald, chrysoprase, peridot, jade, malachite, turquoise

• Blue:
heaven, revelation, priesthood, "Jehovah Color"
   Blue stones:
lapis lazuli, aquamiarine, chalcedony, sapphire

• Purple:
kingship, majesty, royalty, reigning with Christ in heavenly places
   Purple stones
: amethyst

• Black:
judgement, fear of the Lord, mourning
   Black Stones:

• Brown:
earthen vessels, humility
   Brown stones: topaz, dark amber, agate, chalcedony

• White:
purity, righteousness, holiness, Bride of Christ
   White stones: jade, chalcedony, opal, alabaster, marble

• Silver:
redemption, refining process
   Silver stones: silver, granite

• Iridescent:promises of God
   Iridescent stones: opal

• Pink
: joy, healing, new life in Christ
   Pink stones: rose quartz

• Clear: transparent, pure
   Clear stones: quartz crystal

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